What would you be capable of achieving if you knew how to optimise room inventory?

If you understood different cultures, imagine your success in effectively sealing a deal with international clients. 

The world is your oyster.  Become tomorrow's value-added professional with engaging and developing courses from EDC.

  What can we offer you?

A consultant and facilitator with British academic qualifications, experience as a Swiss Hospitality Educator and a professional with an international hospitality career. 

Join fellow hospitality professionals in developing your skills and competencies.  Drive towards change, strive to become the value-added professional and open the doors to a world of opportunites.


strengthens service organisations through the art of professional development and management consulting for peace of mind in ensuring your people have the expertise to optimise results.
We deliver solutions boosting self-confidence, empowering professionals with new knowledge and skills and instilling competencies so that you can take your business to greater heights. 


Engaging, dynamic and unique from the word 'GO!'

We know that any investment for an organisation, department, project or an individual, needs to achieve optimal results. EDC ensures the process of identifying, prioritising, designing and delivering your solution is made easier and guarantees measurable improvements in performance.  'Bridging the gap' connects our client with their facilitator.

From one professional to another!