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In a recent article 'Keep your job in a recession' executives and leaders stated that they wanted their people to be passionate about the business and that employees needed to be able to understand and execute their mission. Can your people execute your company's objectives? Do they have the competencies?

The changing needs of customers and market trends means that companies need employees with a broad span of skills and competencies to foresee, adapt and address these challenges. That could mean training or retraining professionals in 'Business Etiquette' to ensure professional service excellence for business and dining arrangements at an important product promotion cocktail party. It may entail providing an Executive Education Set in 'Doing Business in Eastern Europe' for a potential market opportunity or optimising hotel revenue with a 'Rooms Revenue Management' course.

EdiC enables you to fulfill these requirements in offering an exciting selection of
professional development courses that can be customised to accommodate your availability; your needs; on-site or at a choosen venue.