What do we do?
Browse thorough the table to discover the many facets of how and why a service organisation can develop,enrich and optimise its people and ultimately its company, with EDC.
Through a range of engaging courses for professionals and management executives at all levels, EDC enables you to develop, enrich and optimise your performance.
¬ Professional Development Programmes
Does professional development need to?...
  • Answers a specific need
  • Enhance career progression
  • For life-long leearning
  • Keep abreast of new practices and research
  • Increase professional competencies
  • Broaden your skill set

    ¬ Dynamic and interactive learning environments
    ¬ Boosts self-confidence
    ¬ Empowers professionals
    ¬ Hands-on approach
    ¬ Instills competencies
    ¬ Variety of facilitated learning; workshops, case-studies, simulation exercises, open forum, discussions and active networking
  • Strive for self-actualisation
  • Gain essential interpersonal skills
  • Participate in active professional networking
  • Cultivate & reinforce leadership and management skills
  • 1 - 2 - 3 strategy          
    ¬ Implement ONE skill or strategy on your return to the workplace
    ¬ Transfer TWO pieces of knowledge and shape their future
    ¬ Inspire THREE people with your self-confidence

    ¬ Forges tecnhiques and methodology for improved processes, decision-making and strategies.
    ¬ Exposes opportunities to Increase revenue and maximise the bottom-line
    ¬ Presents and analyses new ways of thinking
    ¬ Proposes strategies for effective management
    ¬ Paves the way for creative ideas in repackaging 
    existing products and services
    ¬ Empowered individuals strengthen a team's ability
  • Competitive edge
  • Opportunity to optimise revenue and maximise profits
  • Service organisations will be able to achieve greater heights and exceed customer expectations


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