Business English for Sales & Marketing Level II 


Training Description

Do you need to be able to communicate with precision and confidence about sales & marketing techniques and strategies with the head office or a company branch, in English?  Are you considering a career change or maybe a side-step into Sales & Marketing and are required to converse in English? ‘Business English for Sales & Marketing’ will provide you with the necessary competencies.  The course will discuss the marketing mix elements; analyse the steps of research, range of media and the implementation of a marketing plan.  We will consider the internal and external factors that influence buyer behaviour and debate potential promotional activities for your products/services. The skill of selling techniques, particularly up-selling, in today’s economic climate is of even greater importance, and we will assess the additional significance of incentives and rewards for your sales team.


Training Objectives

·            Investigate the concepts of marketing

·            Discuss the role of the marketing mix

·            Analyse the marketing cycle

·            Examine and evaluate tools and techniques in sales

·            Analyse the influential role of staff in maximising sales


Interactive seminar, workshop and group exercises



Professionals and managers from any type of business with an intermediate level of spoken English


Additional/Alternative Suggestions;

·                Discuss the role and responsibility of the sales & marketing team

·                Describe the various job descriptions and individuals’ responsibilities

·                Describe a ‘day in the life’ of a sales & marketing team member

·                Explain and discuss the spectrum of business relationships with external sources required of a sales & marketing team member



CHF520 ~ €320  - 8 hours training
An in-house bespoke Training & Development Solution for professionals and managers
Prices in Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (£) are only an indication and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Payment will be in Swiss Francs (CHF) ~ 520 CHF (VAT EXEMPT)

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