Business English for Front-Line Ambassadors 


Training Description

Have you ever heard of the firing line? Working as a Front-Line Ambassador you are in the line of fire! Of complaints, queries, requests and your ‘firing line’ (customers) have expectations! As an ambassador, we do not need to tell you that your appearance, presentation, reactions and interpersonal skills are the image of the company.


This course prepares participants to effectively converse in English with confidence and conviction as an Ambassador of the company.  Participants will have the opportunity to recognise and employ concepts and models of business etiquette to boost self-confidence and optimise professional conduct.  Key areas of service will be addressed and participants will develop their ability to manage unexpected situations, conflicts and perfect skills in service excellence.


Training Objectives

  • Examine the key concepts of professional conduct for Front-Line Ambassadors
  • Recognise the concepts and models of high-standard business skills to enable the effective management of people and situations with tact, diplomacy and respect.
  • Discover customer expectations and optimise your ability to function effectively in the role of an ambassador in reservations; reception; food & beverage; housekeeping and hotel facilities
  • To be able to employ the relevant and necessary terminology as an ambassador.


Interactive seminar, roleplays and group exercises


Additional/Alternative Suggestions;

Business English for Tourism and Hotel Management

  • To be able to employ relevant terminology within a tourism and hotel environment.
  • To be able to describe responsibilities and relationships between hotel departments and management concepts.
  • To discuss and describe business functions, responsibilities and operations for tourism and hotel management.
  • Discuss contemporary issues and challenges for tourism and hotels.

within the following key areas; (choice of 4)

o    Enquiries and Reservations

o    Reception

o    Checking-In/Checking Out

o    Hotel Services

o    Food & Beverage

o    Housekeeping

o    Complaints

o    Negotiation

o    Local tours and attractions

o    Tour Operators and Travel Agents

o    Conferences and Meetings


CHF390 ~ €260  - 6 hours training
An in-house bespoke Training & Development Solution for professionals and managers
Prices in Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (£) are only an indication and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Payment will be in Swiss Francs (CHF) ~ 390 CHF (VAT EXEMPT)

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