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€ 890 (~CHF300 price is only a indication and is subject to exchange rate fluctuations)
28th - 30th September 2009


Training Description

This course prepares participants to converse in English with skill and confidence for human resource management business functions and operations.  Participants will be capable of discussing job descriptions and responsibilities for each member of the team. The course defines the activities, and associated terminology in recruitment (employment process; interviews), compensation, payroll and training and performance.  Through group exercises, participants will identify important links with other departments and interrelated responsibilities.


Training Objectives

  • To be able to employ HR terminology within the working environment
  • To discuss and describe business functions, responsibilities and operations within the HR department.
  • Discuss contemporary issues and present solutions for human resource departments
  • To be able to describe human resource concepts, departmental descriptions and responsibilities, and relationships with other departments.


Interactive seminar, workshop and group exercises


Additional/Alternative Suggestions;

  • Trade Unions
  • Financial aspects of Human Resource
  • Employee Review and Performance Evaluation

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