Service within the Listening Culture 



Course Description

Imagine a team of professionals covering an integration of disciplines.  When a challenge arises; a deadline looms; you receive negative feedback from customers or personal performance assessments have not been completed and employee development objectives have not been fulfilled.  Do you find your team having misunderstood a task, unable to share their concerns, unmotivated to apply the customer-service protocol you have drilled into them, or have not passed on information to another employee, discover a broken link in the service chain or employees comment on feeling ‘unheard’. Your team may be victim to a ‘poor listening environment’ and deficient in interpersonal skills!


The importance of interpersonal skills in every aspect of business operations, for every manager, makes continuous professional development an essential management goal.  As an essential ingredient for success, listening is the first step for improving people skills and ensuring a service excellence for satisfied employees, inside out.


This intensive two-day course offers you the opportunity to turn things around and discover the importance of a positive and supportive working environment for the effectiveness and satisfaction of employees, your ability as a manager and assemble techniques in developing an ‘listening culture’.


We challenge you to close the road to failure and open the path to competitive advantage; discovering the tools and techniques for a strong listening environment and developing valued resources.


Course Objectives

Identify and discuss the key components of interpersonal skills

• Identify the concepts and tools for creating a listening culture

·  Understand employees need for empowerment, self-confidence and belonging and the role of their satisfaction for success


Course Competencies

• Assess and evaluate your listening strengths, development needs and implement techniques to improve performance.

• Appraise practical situations and propose recovery strategies.



Interactive lecture, group discussions, simulation exercises and case-studies.



Employees, managers and executives from any type of business and discipline, who recognise the importance and necessity in developing interpersonal skills and service excellence within their team


CHF1,200 ~ €800 ~ £720 per participant
An intensive 2-days complete 'Open Executive Education' pacakge for managers and executives
Prices in Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (£) are only an indication and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Payment will be in Swiss Francs (CHF) ~ 1,200 CHF (VAT exempt)

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