Sell me the Intangible 



Course Description
Can you sell an experience? How can you sell something that cannot be smelt, touched, tasted or seen in advance? The answer?...maybe if you can close the gap between service expectations and the experience delivered by your people!

Selling an experience, a service or a memory draws on the skills of your people to ensure your customers are not falling down the gap, and your profits with them! Every month the number of fatalities from the service-perception gap rises, and service providers fail to close the space between customer expectations and the services they are providing.

Participants will be offered the opportunity to discover and develop an underestimated but crucial side of every business—service. Allow yourself to analyse the differences between marketing goods and services; the powerful and influential elements of customers and service providers and master strategies for a memorable service experience.

Prepare yourself to enter into the world of the intangible, with knowledge of customer expectations, sensory perceptions, service science and vital resources in the digital age rooted in optimizing and empowering your people and retaining your competitive edge.

Take the lead and sell me the intangible!

Course Objectives

·  Identify and address the marketing-relevant differences between services and goods and discuss the management concept tools in the marketing of services.

·  Review the psychology of customers and recognise the important role of employees in the overall service quality.

· Analyses techniques for delivering the service experience and locate weaknesses in a business to apply effective recovery strategies


Course Competencies

·   Critically evaluate, propose and employ service marketing concepts, techniques and strategies with an integration of disciplines.

·  Exploit consumer behaviour knowledge in the service environment


Learning Methodology

Interactive lecture, group discussions and industry case-studies.



Managers and executives from service organisations, vested with the responsibility of optimising service quality and consumer satisfaction throughout the company



CHF1,700 ~ €1'150 ~ £1,050 per participant
An intensive 3-days complete 'Open Executive Education' pacakge for managers and executives
Prices in Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (£) are only an indication and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Payment will be in Swiss Francs (CHF) ~ 1,700 CHF (VAT exempt


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