Food & Beverage Revenue Management 


Course Description

What strategies can food & beverage outlets use to ensure that they sell the right seat to the right customer at the right price, for the right duration? And what is the definition of ‘right’?  Is the average bill or maintaining food-cost percentages a key indicator of a successful restaurant? Historically, managers generally measure the success of their business by these factors, and others.  While these figures may be useful for some purposes they do not offer a reflection of the outlets revenue or profit performance.


With revenue management food & beverage outlets form a balance between making the most revenue possible and providing the greatest value and meal-experience for their customers.  With two principal levers; price and duration, food & beverage outlets focus on maximizing revenue per-available-seat-hour (RevPASH) and can monitor the flow of revenue throughout the establishment.  Barriers to the flow, ‘bottlenecks’ can be identified and eliminated; high and low-peak periods can be identified and strategies implemented to manage demand and supply.


This course explores and analyses the concepts of revenue management and enables participants to develop strategic techniques for maximising profits.


How will you benefit ?

·       Discover the basics of capacity management and determine a restaurants’ performance level

·       Applying capacity management strategies in the battle between demand and supply.

·       Identify the concept and tools in menu engineering

·       Employ menu analysis techniques and appraise the performance of menu items

·       Propose and implement strategic and tactical decisions to improve menu performance

·       Pricing methods and calculations

·       Discover and evaluate contemporary industry challenges and new ways of thinking that are ‘causing a stir’


Course Competencies

·         Critically evaluate, propose and employ food & beverage revenue management concepts, techniques and strategies.

·         Exploit the concepts of capacity management and pricing methods.


Learning Methodology

Interactive lecture, workshop, and industry case-studies.



Managers and executives from the food & beverage sector, v with the responsibility of increasing food & beverage performance and optimising profit margins. 


    Presentation Example   

CHF1,200 ~ €800 ~ £720 per participant
An intensive 2-days complete 'Open Executive Education' pacakge for managers and executives
Prices in Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (£) are only an indication and are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Payment will be in Swiss Francs (CHF) ~ 1,200 CHF (VAT exempt)

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