Management Consulting





Management consulting helps service organisations improve performance and increase profits through the people it encompasses. An effective consultant exposes the root problem; prioritises and discusses the needs of individual clients and markets; proposes a finely tuned action plan and delivers the solution. The measure of success for that service is in the achievement of project objectives; increased employee and customer satisfaction (and a positive experience); improvement of efficiency; raised levels of performance and achievement and the long-term results.

EDC Management Consulting focuses on diagnosing practical and feasible solutions within a range of industry disciplines for a measurable return on investment.The services offered by EDC's consultancy include;

·       In-house training and development

·       Operational Management

o    Pre-opening management

o    Planning (operating standards; schedules, staffing, facility requirements; operating policies and standard operating procedures)

o   Staffing and Training

o   Ongoing management (on an interim basis; general management services including day-to-day operations; recruitment and training of management staff)

o   Optimisation of service quality

·       Team Building

·       International business practices and strategies

·       Change Management

·       Event Planning and Management

·       Coaching


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