Our Core Values

form the very ethos on which EDC Hospitality Consulting manage and operate our business on a daily basis

Delivered by professionals for professionals. From personal experience we understand the challenges that face businesses in a service environment.  That makes us better at recognising the problem and proposing a solution.


In an industry of constant change, we make it a priority to keep evolving; pressing issues, new ways of thinking, best practices or innovative approaches.


Our dedication is to provide directional drive, boost self-confidence, empower and instill competencies to bridge the gaps in the service industries for providers, suppliers and professionals.

  International assignments and experience have shown us, time and time again that dynamic and interactive learningachieve results. Our passion for a hands-on approach to learning, with opportunities to exchange ideas; use practical case-studies; active networking opportunities and open discussions creates the optimal learning environment.

 It is important to us that each participant goes away enriched with new skills, knowledge and competencies. Our 1-2-3 strategy enforces this value.

Switzerland is world famous for its hospitality and educational standards of excellence. EDC is driven by these standards and live by Swiss work ethics that have been the fundamental grounding and direction for the company and facilitators.

It is about optimising results.  Are you prepared for the next opportunity?  EDC is focused on bridging the gaps, engaging and optimising professionals and  shaping your future.

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