How are you enabling your people to develop? 
  • grasp the concepts of revenue management and implement strategies to increase RevPAR and GOP-PAR
  • become an effective negotiator and communicator with clients from China, India, Russia or Argentina
  • secure the leading-edge with applying traditional revenue management strategies to other revenue-generating departments

Become tomorrow's value-added professional with engaging and developing courses at EDC Hospitality Consulting!!

  What can we offer you?

Facilitators with British academic qualifications, experience as a Swiss Hospitality Educator and professionals with over 30 years in international hospitality careers.

Prepare to be engaged: develop your skills and competencies in new ways of thinking.  Strive to become the value-added professional and open the doors to a world of opportunites.

strengthens service organisations through the art of professional development and management consulting for peace of mind in ensuring your people have the expertise to optimise results.
We deliver solutions boosting self-confidence, empowering professionals with new knowledge and skills, instilling competencies.





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